How to Use Your Chess Skills When Playing Table Games

  • Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021

I’ve recently graduated from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology where I was head of the university chess club in my last year. I would consider myself a keen and experienced chess player, with an interest in probabilities, statistics and gambling.

For those that don’t know, there are valuable connections between chess and casino table games, and even chess and live casino games, and I want to share my research and knowledge on this topic. I will also share how you can use your skills in chess to your advantage to increase your opportunities to make money when playing real money games.

man playing chess - chess board and pawns

What are the connections between chess and table games?

There are key skills to master in chess such as tactics, calculations and strategies. Luckily, for casino table games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, those same skills can also boost your chances of making money. Table games like these require a certain level of skill over luck, unlike slots, which makes sure the player can influence the outcome to the extent of their skills.

There are no hidden aspects in chess: all the moves on the board allow you to directly compare the skills and talent of the two players. Most casino table games, on the other hand, have the extra ability to calculate probabilities within them. This of course adds an element of excitement and practising this key skill can enhance your chances of winning while playing real money games.

If you’re interested in more content like this, take a look at Niklas Ranta, another chess enthusiast, shares useful tips on important skills for casino games as well as websites where you can play online casino games for real money.

A way to play for free with casino social games

One of the great qualities of chess is the social aspect to the game. Having the connection with another player while both playing a game you are interested in is a great way to relax and be entertained. While it’s not always possible to play in person together, in today’s world there are many ways to play games with friends. A great example of this is playing online casino games socially.

Social games are a great way to experience a casino atmosphere while playing at home. These free-to -play games give you the opportunity to use and practise your skills for free without risking any money. These games allow you to play online with friends at any time of the day, while not missing out on the entertainment and atmosphere of being in a casino. After practising and perfecting your skills with casino social games, an easy way to get the opportunity to put your skills into action is by experiencing real money games.

On the other hand, social games can also be the ideal solution if gambling is illegal in your country, as no cash prizes can be won.

Finding online gambling games to suit your preferences

The rewards from playing any online casino games or online slots can be measured through RTP – Return to Player Percentage. Calculated from the ratio of a player’s rewards to their wins, using RTP can give a good indication of the best casino games for your preferences.

Typically, online slots give a Return to Player percentage of around 95% but can drop to as low as 70% in certain cases. Usually, the maximum prize pay-out for these slots will be much lower than their skilled-game counterparts. Casino games where the player has the highest influence over the outcomes will also influence the RTP, however it’s possible for a player to use their skills for their advantage.

Skill-based casino games reward players for their talents

The rewards for skill-based casino games, such as poker or Jacks or Better, are determined on the player’s ability. The returns from these types of games are purely decided from a player’s skill and not by chance or luck. You will typically find the best return percentages here, however it’s accurate the casino will still have a small advantage. However, it’s the same as starting a chess game with white pieces! Although the game is skill-based, this will throw a small advantage in your direction.

Blackjack could be the game for you

Of all the casino table games, Blackjack is relatively simple while still being a game for applying probability theories and attracting the skills of chess players. Edward Thorp put Blackjack on the map with his 1966 book Beat the Dealer, researching and publishing practical winning strategies and outlining how card counting can overcome the house advantage.

To win blackjack, the player, against the dealer, must get as close to 21 without going over. If the player’s hand is greater than the dealer’s, you win. However, going over 21 is an automatic loss. Other decisions throughout the game can be made such as double or split. By doubling, a player will double their bet and receive an extra card. By splitting, a player can separate their cards into two hands, providing they are of the same value. The bet remains the same but is now split into two, so essentially doubling it.

While there is some debate at what online casino game will give you the best odds, it’s sure that Blackjack is far simpler and less dramatic than poker, however they are both classed some of the best casino games.

The best casino games offer lucrative bonuses

The best casino games offer welcome bonuses to new players, from matching a deposit up to a certain amount to free spins on games. With the ability to double or triple your deposit with some of offers from the licensed casinos on the website, it becomes incredibly lucrative to win while using the casino’s money. Blackjack casino sites such as NetEnt Games allow you to play for free on their real money games while also offering an RTP of 99.59%, with the ability to branch out into other games such as Jacks or Better or poker.